Successful online company registration – s24 system – all you need to know

Online Company registration – advantages

Registering a limited liability company onlie, via s24 system, is a good idea for people who would like to register a simple company with only a few individuals involved or for those who are willing to accept standard articles of association. 

There are many advantages of online company registration among which are:

  • all formalities connected with setting up and registering a limited liability company may be completed online, there is no need to visit registry office. Online system is not very complex and is quite intuitive.
  • there is no need to visit notary office, which means not only that we save time but also notarial deed costs. The registry fee is also lower, instead of PLN 500 which is a fee for registering a standard limited liability company, online company registration fee is PLN 250.

Online company registration – limitations

Nevertheless, there are certain things that one shall remember when choosing online company registration. There are some limitations for companies registered via s24 system.

Shareholders may adopt only standard articles of association of a company. When incorporating a company in a notary office the articles of association may be freely drafted, of course within limits of companies act. Whereas online company registration allows adoption of standard articles of association. 

Online company registration system does not allow for a fiscal year to be shifted. It will always correspond to calendar year. Moreover, share capital may only be paid up by cash. There is no possibility to make a contribution in kind to pay up the share capital. There are also certain limitations regarding disposing of shares.

When deciding to register a company online, you shall remember that all individuals who sign articles of association and who take part in registration process shall have an active account at s24 system and ability to sign documents electronically (via profil zaufany or electronic signature).

If you are interested in incorporating a standard limited liability company or online via s24 system, get in touch. We will help you throughout the whole registration process.  

Watch our video about registering a company in Poland

If you are interested in online company registration, wish to set up a company with tailor made articles of association or with to buy a shelf company – please contact our advisors.

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