Purchase a Polish Company

There are different ways of starting a business in Poland.

There are two ways of starting a business in Poland:

  • incorporating a company;
  • buying an existing company.

There are different forms of companies available in Poland:

  • sole trader;
  • general Partnership;
  • Polish civil partnership;
  • limited partnership
  • limited liability company; 
  • joint stock company.

If you wish to start straight away there is an option of buying an existing company in Poland. It is possible to purchase a Polish company that has already been registered and which has already obtained VAT number.

If you want to buy an existing company in Poland please get in touch with our experts.

Companies that we offer are already registered in the National Court Register and hold:

  • register number – KRS number;
  • tax number – NIP;
  • REGON number.

Our companies also have:

  • registered office address;
  • flexible articles of association;
  • up to date account books and financial statements.

If required we may also help you with opening of a bank account which may be organized on a date of the transfer of the company. 

The companies that we offer have no history:

  • no signed contracts;
  • have not conducted activities;
  • no liabilities, debts, commitments;
  • no employees;
  • no assets. 

Our experts will help you out during the process of buying a company in Poland. If required we may help you with:

  • amending the articles of association;
  • changing the address of the Polish company;
  • changing the name of the company;
  • altering activities of the Polish company;
  • making amendments to the share capital;
  • appointing board members

and any other changes you need to make after purchasing a Polish company.

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