Polish Civil Partnership

Polish civil law partnership must be established by at least two natural or legal persons. It does not require a minimum share capital. It is a form of legal entity which is generally used for small businesses. Unlike other companies it does not need to be registered in National Court Register, but two individuals must prior establishing a Polish civil partnership register in the Polish Business Activity Register. Polish civil partnership is formed by a contract signed by at least two entrepreneurs who undertake to jointly run the business, i.e. to achieve a common economic purpose. It may be considered misleading that this form of running a business is called “partnership”, because the business form described here does not constitute an autonomous economic entity and it is merely a contract between partners, each of whom is an independent entrepreneur.

Following from the above to open a Polish civil partnership two entrepreneurs shall sign a contract which must include following elements:

  • details of all the partners;
  • date and place of conclusion of the contract;
  • name of the civil partnership and address;
  • period for which the partnership is established; 
  • details of the activities of the partnership;
  • the economic objective to be pursued by the partnership;
  • scope of activities – PKD;
  • details describing amount of the contributions;
  • distribution rights and share of losses;
  • details regarding the method of representation of the Polish civil partnership and information on the partners conducting the partnership’s affairs;
  • provisions concerning notice and termination of the agreement.
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