Open a joint stock company in Poland

Open a joint stock company in Poland – characteristics:

  • may be incorporated by one or more persons, but as per the LLC, may not be incorporated by a single member company;
  • minimum share capital PLN 100.000;
  • it is a legal entity with legal personality;
  • shareholders liability limited up to the value of shares held;
  • shareholders – no limitations as to the residency and nationality. Foreigners may become shareholder of a joint stock company registered in Poland;
  • company is subject to CIT – corporate income tax;
  • represented by the management board;
  • obligatory supervisory board.

Contact us if you wish to buy a joint stock company in Poland or open a company in Poland in any other legal form.

Requirements to register a joint stock company in Poland: 

  • adoption of the statute;
  • payment of shareholders’ contributions;
  • appointment of the management board;
  • establishment of the supervisory board.

A joint-stock company is registered in the National Court Register. 

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