How to change board member’s last name in s24 system?

S24 system is an online system which allows to register certain type of Polish companies online and to register some changes to those companies. Even though, this online system was created to simplify certain procedures, in reality it is not as intuitive as one might expect or hope for. Many people encounter problems when wishing to change board member’s last name. There is no guideline and one answer how to do it, but our solution has worked out well in practice.   

Board member’s last name change – s24 registration solution

If you are in a situation when the last name of board member’s of your company changed,  you are required to register such change in the National Trade Register. It is possible to make such change in a traditional way, without using online s24 system. However, we would like to present a solution for registering such change online. If you decide to use s24 system you shall choose from the templates resolution regarding the change of the member of the board. The resolution regarding the dismissal of this board member, who changed the last name, shall be passed. During the same process, you shall pass another resolution i.e. resolution regarding the appointment of the same board member but with new details (current last name). If you follow this procedure, you will reach your aim. You will dismiss the board member whose “old” last name is registered and appoint the same person but with new details. In practice the same person will still be appointed but new details will be registered. 

Next step, is preparation of the declaration regarding the correspondence address of this board member and attachment of this documents to this application. 

Further, fill out the ZEL-3 form and attach it to resolution regarding the change of members of the board and declaration regarding the correspondence address. The box regarding the change of details of board member(s) shall be ticked. Remember that the form shall be signed and sent. Payment for registering this change shall also be made – the registry fee is PLN 300. Now, you only need to wait for the National Court Register to register such change. 

If you wish to incorporate a company in Poland, have any questions regarding running business in Poland or wish to make any changes to your Polish company, please contact our team members. 

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